We provide clarity and coaching for those transitioning to the birth professional space and are ready to take their services to the next level.
When you are BETTER, you can SERVE better!

Doula Trainings

Group Coaching/ Mentorship

Individual Coaching

Considering becoming a doula???

Join our online hybrid training for pelvic floor professionals who are interested in diving into the world of BIRTH by being a birth doula.

You will receive instant access to course material and will automatically be enrolled in our online support community. We will culminate with a 4 hour live online office hour session. 

During this training you will become extremely familiar with:
✅ the stages of birth,
✅learn how to educate,
✅better prepare your clients for birth,
✅understand how to use all of your senses during the birth process to better guide your clients, and...
✅ultimately lead them to a more informed and preferred birth outcome.

If you are a doula ...Congrats!

But nowhere in your training did it give you the framework to launch a business. Now you have these skills that you want to use , that you want to get paid for but you're having some issues:
       1. You don't quite know how to put that package out there.
       2. You aren't getting people showing up willing to pay for your time or services
       3. You can't figure out how to logistically grow your business so that you ARE NOT burning out.

Did you know the average trained doula is burnt out within 2 years of training and starting their business. Two years!!!! That means there are ALOT of failed doula businesses... don't  let yours be one of them

Are you overloaded regarding next steps? How to present your business? How to grow your business and most of all how to get paid for your services and be VALUED?

If you are ready for coaching that will make a big impact of your business, your mindset and your growth, then join us in the Birthpreneur
™️ Circle. While there is no need to reinvent the wheel, there is a need to know your business destination and chart your specific path.

We offer a variety of ways to get you there:

educational modules
document templates
1 on 1 coaching
signature group coaching program

Who Are We?

Dr. Amber Brown, PT, DPT, WCS, CLT, RYT

Doctor of Physical Therapy | Birth Doula | Yoga Teacher | Health Coach | Certified Financial Coach

As an entrepreneur and educator, I teach and empower fellow healthcare professionals how to live the life they want, including earning the money they desire, without the burn out or losing passion for their job. 

Dr. Juan Michelle Martin, PT, DPT 

Doctor of Physical Therapy | Birth & Postpartum Doula | Wellness Coach

I am a healthcare professional and birth/ postpartum doula who enjoys coaching and consulting with other professionals and empowering them to grow in their business endeavors.

Our mission is to help #birthprofessionals learn... grow... and thrive in business. You can have your cake and eat it too! You can serve a population that you love and have a successful business while doing so... so let us show you how!